How Today’s New Englanders Find Jesus


A few weeks ago I mentioned an extensive survey from LifeWay about how people are most likely to find Jesus in our culture today. Here’s the upshot of the 130 pages of results: most people in the Holbrook area are interested in a group of Jesus-followers who do things to serve the community and the world. One of their summaries puts it this way: “Research: Unchurched Will Talk About Faith, Not Interested in Going to Church.” Our culture is uniquely socially concerned compared to our culture of years gone by. We are worried about climate change and we’ll carefully separate our plastic soda bottle from the rest of our lunch waste just to be a small part of the solution. We’re worried about hateful-sounding rhetoric so we’ll go out of our way to stand up for those who tend to bear the brunt of it. We see our relatives dying from what started as a simple prescription drug addiction so we’ll give precious time in our week to volunteer for Holbrook Cares. We know of people on our block who actually miss meals sometimes so we lend a hand to Brookville’s Food Pantry or St. John’s Food Pantry.

This is a trend I’ve been awakened to since early 2015, and Brookville is well-positioned to act on it, like the “men of Issachar who understood the times and knew what Israel should do.” This is precisely why we keep it simple at Brookville – Care – Connect – Celebrate. Care comes first because it’s the very best way to engage our culture with the good news about Jesus. Our friends, coworkers, and neighbors see us sincerely, selflessly caring for and tending to our community, they join us in doing so, and the joy of knowing Jesus naturally rubs off from your shoulder to theirs as we work side by side.

Last week Pew Research reported the findings of their recent study on why there’s a trend of a quarter of America and counting leaving religion altogether. Guess what they said were the tow main avenues for millennials to find their way to a church? Tech (social media, church website) and one-on-one relationships with church-goers.

Want to be effective in leading others to Jesus, to the joy and safety and hope and purpose that are ours in Jesus?

  • Ask Michelle how you might share your skills with Holbrook kids in our February Kids Camp or in St. John’s after-school program (woodworking, sewing, paper writing, green thumb stuff, kite flying, … who know what talents you’ve been sitting on that a young person would love!)
  • Set up biweekly morning walks with the person next door to you. Care for your neighborhood by picking up a few pieces of trash while you walk.
  • Respond to a stressful situation at work differently than those around you out of obedience, faith, and joy in Jesus. Care about your company even if it doesn't seem to care about you.

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