you've gotten to know a Brookviller as you've worked beside him or her to make Holbrook a better place for all. the natural, next step is to find out what powers that Brookviller to be so genuinely invested in our community.

trying out a Group is absolutely crucial for you and me. we build long-term, close friendships that we'll need to thrive and survive in the yin and yang of everyday life. here we'll get to be more real than we ever could in the celebration gathering on Sunday morning.

bottom line, it's in smaller Groups that we understand how God teaches us to live and obey him, and have others encourage us to do it. these group meetings last an hour or two, and the main attraction is reading through a half-dozen verses or so in the Bible, talking to each other about what you heard in it, and challenging each other to put it into practice.

We're all longing for connection. We all want to belong. Play around with the map and join a group!


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871 S Franklin St